Friday, April 24, 2015

Autistic Student...a great success story!

This month, I have talked to Maryrose about her experience with EmpowerTech. In my opinion, Maryrose is a pleasant student who is always working hard and is very helpful to Ms. Rickell and myself. I was happy to learn that her experience here has been positive. Through EmpowerTech, she’s been able to use computer skills in Microsoft word, excel and power point to do well in her college courses. It is her dream to become a Nurse one day and work with children. She is very passionate about this career and this just demonstrates one of her greatest attributes which is to help people. Furthermore, through EmpowerTech, Maryrose is attaining valuable skills for her future career. She is the President of the Trade Student Assistant Program. Through this position, she is able to help others maintain the lab clean and makes sure all assignments are returned to the lesson plan table. She also talked to me about how she likes to help set up and decorate the break room for special events. Through her story, I have come to learn why Maryrose is happy to be at EmpowerTech. Before she becomes a nurse, she needs to develop the skills that will help her do her job well. Here at EmpowerTech, Maryrose has the liberty to learn valuable skills. She has not only gained computer and leadership skills, she has also developed social skills at Empowertech. She met her best friend Dominique here and has been her friend for about a year now. In addition, she also has participated in the Special Olympics since last year. She has been a part of the Track and field and bowling challenges. Maryrose is an exceptional student with big dreams. There is not a day she is absent. I can account that she is always here with a great attitude and a willingness to learn. Thus, she demonstrates determination and ambition for the future as she expresses, “We are here to assist in any way to make our experience at EmpowerTech a success.”

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