Friday, November 18, 2011

Season's of Giving Thanks

This past week I was reminded just how blessed we here at EmpowerTech are. Every day we get to witness our students learn something new, engage in activities that before would never be possible. And then there are those times that they get remind us that they in turn are thankful too. Daily we are reminded that there are too many things we take for granted and in the student story below you will see how saying please and thank you shouldn’t be one of those things.

This past Wednesday I was having a bad day (one of those days when you realize halfway through it that you’ve been walking around with toothpaste on your shirt) when Lisa came into my office. Lisa has been attending our free Open Access Lab every Wednesday for over a decade. She also faithfully shows up just when I’m in the middle of something; but I always take time to talk with her about what she’s going to work on. This past year Lisa has been making memory books using PowerPoint to give to her family and friends. She also uses this time to check her email and to reply to any she receives. Some of you may have gotten her notes. There are times when she needs help with email and will always politely ask when she does.

Lisa is almost old enough to be my mother but she views the world through the eyes of an 8 year old, and delights in those things that can be taken for granted. The simplest things- like saying please and thank you, and that sometimes a little prayer doesn’t hurt. There is never a time that she doesn’t bring out the best in someone wither her smile, her generosity of heart and sincere gratitude. She’s also very intuitive to a person’s mood but never let’s that stop her when she needs help. So after she pointed out the toothpaste on my shirt she asked; “please help me with an email invitation to my cupcake birthday party” Now you know there was no way I was going to refuse her request and set to work helping her compose an email. As I typed she stood behind me with her hand on my head; seemingly to look for any mistakes that I may make (Lisa cannot read but does recognize words like, cupcake). When I was finished I asked for her approval and she nodded her head. There is more to the story (her list of presents all of which were to be shiny) but I won’t go into details. However, I do want to add that she asked after my father who has been ill, then let me know that she prays for him. Well my friends this did me in so smiling through my tears, I said thank you that means a lot to me. As she was leaving my office she paused at my door, smiled, pointed to herself and said; “thank you for helping me”.

In the spirit of thanks giving, Lisa and all of our other students I ask you to please consider a gift to our programs by clicking here to donate.

And thank you for your support of EmpowerTech and our students

Monday, November 7, 2011

EmpowerTech Receives Grant from Allergan

We here at EmpowerTech wish to send a huge thank you to the Allergan Foundation for supporting our programs this year!