Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Annual Appeal!

On behalf of the EmpowerTech Board of Directors, staff and our students, we wish you a Happy Holiday Season.

2009 has proven to be a trying year for most, including us here at EmpowerTech. We were faced with cutbacks across the all areas of giving and most importantly a decline in our fees for service. The good news is we were and are filled to capacity in all of our classrooms and receiving multiple program inquiries each day. Despite these obstacles, EmpowerTech once again triumphed. The start of our new fiscal year has brought positive energy and exciting gains in both our programs and our community foundation partnerships.

We would like to ask for your support to make it even more exciting and secure for our students. Just ask:

Mitch, a student who began in our Pre-school program and eventually moved into our TRADE program who is now working as a data entry clerk for the Los Angeles Mayor or

, who has limited speech and motor skills and is able to communicate with his sister 2000 miles away via email by visiting our offices each week for FREE Open Access, his only opportunity to use the computer each week or

Sara, a blind and low vision student who has furthered her independence by learning Online Banking and is no longer reliant on others to access her personal financial information.

EmpowerTech programs are thriving and providing services to more people than ever. This year alone, over 2,400 people benefited from EmpowerTech services. We have an exciting children’s program that is designed to help children improve their overall school performance, a growing TRADE program teaching job and life skills to adult students, a free community Open Access Program has served over 300 individuals in 2009 and our Blind and Low Vision program currently has a waiting list of interested students. We have the staff, the tools, and the students, NOW WE NEED YOU!

Your support of EmpowerTech is critical to help us maintain our current programs and offer new programs. We couldn’t make a difference in LA without your support.