Monday, October 4, 2010

Tesitmonial Success Story...

It is a pleasure to announce to the community the positive outcomes for our client/student Paul R. from Santa Monica High School Young Adult Transition Services Program.

Paul R. is highly motivated to continue his training with EmpowerTech. He recognizes the advancement in his skills and is proud to demonstrate his proficiencies to others. This morning, Paul interviewed with the Silver Crest Senior Living Community in Santa Monica. The interview team was impressed with his manner, polish and clarity inviting Paul to return for a second level interview. He was asked to submit his resume and letter of interest to the main headquarters for Silver Crest's program, The Salvation Army of Santa Monica.

As you may know, securing a second level interview with the Salvation Army is a cu do for Paul! The Army is seeking only the best and Paul is approaching the grade.

Needless to say, Paul was delighted! He immediately proceeded to the public library and prepared his resume. The skill set required to produce the document was clearly the result of his training with EmpowerTech.

Eric, you and the devoted friends of Empower Tech are to be congratulated on your contribution to this young adult's adjustment to the world of work.

I am looking forward to referring additional clients to your program and sharing in their successes with your organization.

All Non-Profit organizations need full community support to continue their tremendous contributions. On behalf of our shared customers, please ask me to assist in fund raising activities sponsored by Empower Tech. My team and I at SAMOHI want to see EmpowerTech thrive not merely survive.

With sincerity,


Carol Gassman-Proud
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Transition Specialist Young Adult Program
Santa Monica High School