Friday, July 23, 2010

Sendero Maps by Tom Lange

Sendero Maps is the recently-released PC-based counterpart to the Sendero GPS software package that runs on a BrailleNote. I use Sendero GPS to keep track of where I am when I'm traveling around. Sendero Maps is essentially Sendero GPS in virtual mode. Using maps that Sendero gives you with the package, you can virtually explore any area on a map, calculate pedestrian or vehicle routes from point A to point B, as well as retrieve point-of-interest information. So, on the PC, I could open Sendero Maps, tell it that I'm located at 6234 W. 87th Street, calculate a route from here to an address such as 333 Wilshire Boulevard (a DOR office), , and explore the route. Or, I could doo a point-of-interest search for banks, schools, restaurants, or other points of interest and get addresses and phone numbers. Using the address info, I can set that as a destination and calculate how to get there. It's a great tool.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Still Living the American Dream...

Still Living the American Dream...

When Namundi and his wife set out for America in the early 70's life was filled with a bright kaleidoscope of dreams, a land of endless possibilities. He set his sights on progressing up the career ladder beginning as a bookkeeper for Weyerhaeuser Mortgage Company and before the company was sold ended up as the Vice President of the Mortgage Division.
Not one to rest on his laurels and loving the world of numbers he also held a variety of honorary positions with the West LA Chapter of the National Association of Accountants. In 2006, while working as a senior loan officer with Clarion Mortgage Capital Namundi noticed that something was happening with this eyesight, things were blurry and objects began to have halos around them.
Soon he was diagnosed with acute glaucoma in both eyes. In 2007, he was legally blind and the mortgage market had collapsed. I know what you are thinking, raise the white flag of surrender, give in, give up. Namundi did none of these things. You see Namundi loves numbers. He viewed the stats, weighed the odds, calculated with fierce determination that he would once again work with numbers. To help him win his independence back, is where EmpowerTech steps in. Over the course of several months in our Blind/Low Vision Program, Namundi has been reunited with his numbers. The kaleidoscope of dreams and endless possibilities don't end with the loss of eyesight, they begin again as they have with Namundi. Currently he is being vetted for a position as a disbursement officer with the FBI, yup that's right folks the FBI!