Friday, March 9, 2012

Student uses Face Book to Find Brother

EmpowerTech understands the importance of technology. From becoming prepared for the workforce to connecting with old friends and family, EmpowerTech stresses the value of being tech-savvy. One of our TRADE students, Linda, recently learned just how valuable it is.
Linda became a student at EmpowerTech in August of 2011 and was quickly introduced to e-mail and Facebook. EmpowerTech helped Linda learn how to communicate effectively over social networks for business and personal uses. This past week, Linda decided to use her knowledge gained at EmpowerTech to search for someone very special to her that she had lost contact with, her very own brother. After losing touch, Linda and her brother had not talked for over 20 years, but Linda had not given up hope. She tried hard to resume contact with him but was at a loss until she used her new skills to search for him on Facebook. Today, Linda came into the classroom, tears streaming down her face from being overwhelmed with happiness. She was overjoyed because she had not only found her brother on Facebook, Linda had also begun messaging him and they were finally able to reconnect again.
After 20 years, Linda was able to relocate her brother after EmpowerTech inspired her to keep in touch using technology. We are so happy to have played a role in helping Linda and her brother reunite, and we wish them the very best. Linda is only one example of someone whose life has been changed as EmpowerTech helps students open doors through the use of technology.